'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Hit With Legal Letter By Vivid. This Should End Well.

When last we heard about Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, she was being offered a cool million dollars to tell the truth about the sex tapes, so naturally she is claiming she was drugged and raped while promoting the sex tape. Porn studio Vivid disagrees. Via Radar:

The porn company that released former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham‘s XXX video is furious she made claims that she was “drugged and raped” several times while on tour promoting the tape — so they’ve sent her a legal letter demanding she stop talking!

Vivid Entertainment head honcho Steve Hirsch sent Abraham, 22, the cease and desist via email, warning the single mother that if she continues to make such claims, they will pursue legal action.

My heart goes out to all rape victims, but if you fabricate a story or lie about it happening, and it’s proven you lied, you should go to jail for double the amount of time as the person you accused would have gotten if convicted.

“We have become aware that you have made unsubstantiated and baseless implications and allegations of wrongdoing against Vivid. In particular, you have publically [sic] stated that you were drugged and raped more than once while on tour for Vivid promoting Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,” the letter reads.

When you have a history of pathological lying, you tend to stick to the side of, “Yeah, so, that chick is lying out of her backdoor.” Again, the porn company gets a bit of sympathy for having to deal with all of this, but not really. After what happened with the first tape, you’d think it would be smart enough to NOT MAKE ANOTHER ONE. But, I mean, when you’re filming porn, common sense goes out the window, and depending on the porn, other things go flying through or onto a window.

Via Radar

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