A Fed-Up Tesla Owner Blew Up His Car Instead Of Shelling Out For Astronomical Repair Costs

When his modified 2013 Tesla started acting up after just 900 miles of use and left him facing a $22,000 bill to replace the electric car’s faulty battery, Tuomas Katainen of Finland decided to go a different route: Blow up the vehicle with a mannequin of Elon Musk inside.

In a video posted by Pommijätkät, a.k.a. the Bomb Dudes, the Tesla was towed to a quarry outside of Helsinki where it was strapped with 66 pounds of explosives before the Musk mannequin was choppered in just in time for the detonation, which makes for one heck of a viral video that’s already racked up over five million views. Via Insider:

In the video, a charge can be seen racing along the detonation cord, setting off a series of blasting caps that break the windshield and loosen several body panels. After a short pause, the 14 hotdog-shaped charges erupt into a blinding ball of fire, sending a massive shockwave rippling out from the car. Footage from a drone flying through the cloud of shrapnel and smoke shows a gray and black smudge where the car used to be.

Despite his extremely online presence, Musk has yet to react to the video of the exploded Tesla, but we’re guessing he’d probably just say something about Dogecoin or make a weird “pp” joke. He’s really into those lately.

(Via Business Insider)