That Time Tom Hardy Photobombed A Bridal Party As Bane

Let’s not stand on ceremony here, this is the best photobomb of all time.

Back in 2011, when The Dark Knight Rises was still filming, Tom Hardy and the crew crashed this perfectly nice couple’s nuptials and the results were hilarious. Hardy, dressed full Bane attire, is seen standing on top of the Batmobile Tumbler vehicle while the wedding party including a few bridesmaids donning pale pink dresses are just feet away. The photo was posted on Reddit and according to one user who claims to have been there on that special day, the happy couple were pleasantly surprised by their villainous wedding crasher.

I was actually there watching the filming when this happened. There was no way the bride and groom could have known they were going to be filming a movie when they booked the chapel, so it basically caused a lot of inconvenience for them and their guests as there were explosions and gunfire on the street during their wedding.

The producers were cool about it though; and parked one of the batmobiles in front of the chapel so the bride and groom could take a bunch of pictures in it.

The newlyweds did in fact get to take some selfies with Bruce Wayne’s expensive toy so no harm done, but count on the internet to caption the photo with Bane’s best one-liners. (Try not to read them with that infamous accent.)

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