The 15 No-Good Reasons People Hate Jennifer Lawrence, Ranked

Is the tide turning on Jennifer Lawrence? Where once you couldn’t find anyone who had a single bad thing to say about the Hunger Games star, now there are numerous thinking man’s think pieces about how she’s annoying because people on the Internet adore her, or something. It’s confusing — she’s hated because she’s liked? — so I guess it’s a good thing we won’t see her in a new movie until November, when she’ll appear in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay and Dumb and Dumber To, where she’ll make a cameo (maybe so that Jim Carrey can fawn over her). We could use a break.

Though not today, because today is her 24th birthday (Jesus, she’s ONLY 24). We already showed you the failed pilot she made with Alison Brie, and now let’s take a look at all the ways people, especially one particular Tumblr, hate Lawrence, ranked from the dumbest reasons to the ones that sort of make sense. For what it’s worth, UPROXX is Team J-Law, through and through.

1. She doesn’t show up for meaningless award shows.

Yet another no show to an award show voted by fans. For some reason her fans still make excuses. #teen choice 2014 (Via)

2. She has a stupid brother.

PROOF JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS TERRIBLE: Her Brother has a PUBLIC album mocking stereotypes of Asians. LOOK AT THE TITLE ”AMERICA Haroween PAAtee!” Wow. And this is her brother. Defend her all you like and say “Oh its not her” when clearly her past actions and words prove she is a bigot. it runs in the family apparently. (Via)

3. She’s not a princess?

I don’t get what posses people to make these things! This does not prove that she is a princess. Her mouth alone and the things that she says proves she isn’t even close to being a princess! (Via)

4. She facepalmed Emma Watson.

She is so disrespectful. I can hear her fans now “oh lighten up she was just playing. It is rude Emma Is just to sweet to say that. (Via)

5. She doesn’t have eyes?

It doesn’t get any uglier than that. Just shows that they must put on LAYERS of makeup on her face on the red carpet to make it look like she even has eyes

Oh my god THANK you ! First person to realize she has no eyes! (Via)

6. She had the GALL to be a celebrity who took a role in a movie franchise.

I’m a huge Hunger Games fan, and I could write a whole thesis on why I hate that JLaw plays Katniss. And it isn’t just about white-washing the character, either. Everything about the cult surrounding her goes against a major message in the books to such an extreme point that it makes me sick. The books are in part about the danger of celeb worship, and yet that’s exactly what fans are doing with her. She’s f*cking horrible for doing that with this franchise, and she can kiss my ass. (Via)

7. She seems like a bummer to hang out with.

I will admit that most of my dislike for Jennifer Lawrence is her off-camera persona. I know everyone thinks she’s so cool and real and “fresh” because she says wacky things like how she loves to eat and drink and throw up at Oscar parties. And maybe it’s because I’m years beyond the period of my life when I was acting like that — going to parties, drinking too much, passing out on coat beds, etc. I just think she seems like she’d be awful to hang out with! (Via)

8. She fell at the Oscars.

9. She’s homophobic and transphobic, apparently?

she is homophobic and transphobic (Via)

10. She thinks having OCD is a cute “quark”

She was on a talk show with Jesse Eisenberg she was talking about his OCD how it was a cute quark and that she wishes she had cute quarks like that! (Via)

11. She has annoying fans.

Her fans are f*cking crazy, like sometimes I think they’re even worse than Beliebers…for things like death threats and just general behaviour. They’re just so blind to her, like I used to be a fan, and now I can just see how much of an obnoxious, stuck up brat she really is. (Via)

12. She’s “not a good actor.”

But let’s get to the real root of my issue with Jennifer Lawrence: she is not a good actor. In fact, I don’t think she really acts all that much. American Hustle is the perfect example of this. She’s hilariously miscast, and she does nothing with that character except vamp and flip her hair. (Via)

13. She’s casually said the word “dyke.”

Jennifer Lawrence is always using the word dyke so casually “I was really Dikey as a kid I liked to play a lot of sports” she made fun of christian Bale for his weight gain in American Hustle saying ” Finally I get to make out woth christian bale and he is all fat and gross , he is Fatman not Batman.” (Via)

14. She claimed that by Hollywood standards, she’s “fat.”

She always goes on about people calling her fat, and saying that in Hollywood she is considered obese; BULLSH*T. I haven’t seen anyone, EVER, call her fat. (Via)

15. She was RUDE to Zach Galifianakis in Between Two Ferns.