The Best Of #Dodgeball

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story is by no means a great comedy. On a scale of 1 to Vince Vaughn I’d label it “moderately mailed-in.” You have a pretty good idea of what you’re dealing with when IMDb’s “People who liked this also liked…” includes Blades of Glory, The Waterboy, and Mr. Woodcock. Yet with Dodgeball there is just enough of Vince Vaughn caring, Ben Stiller staying on this side of annoying, and Rip Torn and Jason Bateman providing memorable performances that it’s a step above Semi-Pro.

With Vaughn and Stiller teaming up eight years later in an attempt to replicate “just enough” with The Watch now feels like the time to take a look back at the best GIFs, images, and photoshops the internet has run with from the 2004 comedy that proved to be a stopping-on-HBO-if-it’s-on guilty pleasure.

I waded through entirely too many real life dodgeball team photos and GIFs from what was apparently a dodgeball-themed Glee episode to make this Best of # happen. The things I go through. I need a C-Tate’s “F*ck you, Glee!” audio button.