‘The Canyons’ Producers Purposely Leaked Those Photos Of Lindsay Lohan Topless Online

The Canyons might be a terrible movie with no discernible plot and acting that can only be described as hard and as wooden as James Deen’s d…esk, but the shady producers who made it aren’t dumb dumbs. They know the only reason anyone would want to see the film is because for the first time, Lindsay Lohan shows her breasts on camera.

That’s why, to get people talking about The Canyons, they likely leaked the scenes in which Lohan appears topless.

The Canyons starring Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen — a.k.a. Farrah Abraham’s Backdoor Teen Mom co-star — is getting some online buzz on its first day available to the video on demand market.

One reason is that Lohan’s nude scenes have inevitably made their way to the internet in the form of video clips and images from a shower scene and a threesome scene.

Gawker suggests the film’s producers are behind the nude leaks. In one six-second video clip, Lohan is seen topless and showering while creepy music fills the soundtrack. In another, slightly longer clip, Lohan reclines nude on a sofa in full makeup and a pair of black stilettos. An underwear-clad Deen performs a sex act on her, as another male actor strips completely nude and enjoys the show. (Via)

Thus marks the first time in nearly a decade that anyone’s enjoyed themselves while watching Lohan perform.

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