Two 'The Dark Knight Rises' Clips And A Pee Wee Herman Voice Dub Because Why Not?

It seems like only yesterday we were posting the first clip and two ads for The Dark Knight Rises. Probably because it was yesterday. Now we have two more clips and a Pee Wee Herman parody. No, really, Pee Wee Herman dubbed one of the Dark Knight Rises trailers for Jimmy Fallon. How did we ever live this long without it in our lives?

But before we get to the parody, let’s talk about the clips. The first shows the scene where Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne meet (pictured above). Who knew Catwoman was all #OccupyWallStreet? The second clip is just Morgan Freeman being Morgan Freeman. That man is a gem. Give him all the step-granddaughters he wants.

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Catwoman clip:

Skip to 2:17 for the start of the clip.

Lucius Fox clip:

Pee Wee Herman voice dubbed trailer:

This was entirely necessary: