The Fake Mitt Romney Pinterest Page Is The Best Thing On Pinterest, I Think

I’m not on Pinterest so I really don’t know all that much about it, except that it’s a place where people “pin” things they’ve bought or want to buy so other people can see those things and maybe buy/want to buy them too. I heard it recently described as “a site for women who are pregnant or getting married.” That sounds about right, and having heard it described that way made me LOL a little harder than maybe I would have otherwise when someone sent me a link to a Fake Mitt Romney Pinterest page this afternoon.
I also LOLed pretty hard when I first got the link because, having not yet actually looked at the page, I totally bought that Romney would have a Pinterest page — it seems like just the sort of thing a noted panderer like Mittens would do to maybe rope in a few more votes from the ladies. Without clicking through, I immediately emailed the person who sent it to me: “MITT ROMNEY HAS A PINTEREST PAGE!?!?” But still, the fact that it’s fake doesn’t make it not funny, so enjoy the wee gallery of Fake Mitt Romney Pinterest page items I tossed together for your viewing pleasure after the jump.