Turns Out The Holderness Family Loved ‘SNL’ Making Fun Of Their ‘Xmas Jammies’

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live not only featured an appearance by Dr. Evil, it also had a kinda (but not really) funny sketch about a family known as “The Tenderfields”. The reason for any semblance of comedy was the subject in which it was parodying: The Holderness Family. You may know them better for their viral holiday videos like last year’s “X-mas Jammies” and the more recent “All About That Baste.”

Taking the whole thing in stride, the family took to the internet to respond to the video:

It was recently announced the Holderness Family will soon be reality TV stars. Go ahead and compare the “Tenderfields” sketch above with the original “X-mas Jammies” video below. I’ll just be over here with my head in the oven.

(Via: Pajiba / The Holderness Family)