The Twihards Are PISSED At Kristen Stewart For Cheating On Robert Pattinson

Oh boy. Next to the Beliebers, the Twihards are arguably the most insane fanbase currently populating the internet, so you just knew that they were going to LOSE THEIR MINDS over the news that famed glass case of emotion Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with an old, wrinkly-balled director — and they are. Already there are at least three billion laughably sad videos like the one embedded below on YouTube. Tumblr and Twitter are equally overrun with anger and grief. If you know a Twihard, please remove all sharp objects from their general vicinity before it’s too late.

Kristen, how do you feel about what you’ve done to destroy “Robsten”?

How bad is it? So bad that the administrators of Kristen Stewart’s fan site are stepping down, as they can no longer carry on the task of devoting significant bordering on unhealthy portions of their lives to adoring a starlet who’s obviously such a dirty, amoral cock-whore.

Here’s the full text in case the font in the screengrab is too small for you to read…

Dear followers and readers,

Due to personal reasons the current admins of KristenStewartDaily will be stepping away from the site. It was an amazing and fun ride being here providing you with news on Kristen Stewart. However, due to recent events and personal beliefs, we cannot remain admins of this site and condone the actions taken by the actress. It’s no Robsten or Nonsten drama. We as admins just can’t support and condone someone who would cause so much heartbreak not only to the person she loves but to another family as well. It would be hypocritical of us to continue posting here like everything is okay when in our hearts we don’t support her actions.

You may be saying we’re not true fans for turning our backs on her but this is how we feel and we are being honest to ourselves.

We hope things get sorted out for all parties involved but for now, this is us saying goodbye to this site.


Karen, Karee and Angie

Gee, I wonder what Kristen Stewart’s face looks like as her whole world falls apart?

Look at the bright side, Twihards. With Bella out of the way, Edward can be all YOURS since he’s available! Or IS HE?!?!

(K-Stew fansite revolt HT: Burnsy)