The University of South Florida Is Banning Selfies During Graduation Commencement Ceremonies

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On May 2, The University of South Florida will award 6,431 degrees to graduates. But because this is where we are as a society now, the university has had to threaten graduating students with disciplinary action and a possible withholding of their degree if they engage in taking seflies with USF president Judy Genshaft on the commencement stage. Sigh. The Tampa Bay Times reports:

USF notified graduating students and placed an ad in the student newspaper this week asking them to refrain from inappropriate behavior, which includes stepping, strolling, marching or taking selfies with USF President Judy Genshaft when crossing the stage for their diplomas.

Stepping and strolling are even outlawed? OKAY Joseph Stalin University.

USF student body president Will Warmke saw about 15 students take selfies with Genshaft at last fall’s graduation ceremonies.

“I feel bad for the person behind the person taking the selfies because now they have to wait for their moment,” said Warmke, 23, who graduates May 2 with three bachelor’s degrees, in political science, criminology and interdisciplinary social science.

That strange feeling you’re describing is called “empathy,” son — which sadly is apparently not a trait of your generation. When I graduated college the biggest thing anyone had to worry about was whether or not throwing the caps in the air would injure people when they came down with the pointy corners. We did it anyway though, so you can suck it Kutztown University.

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