Ana Navarro Dropped Her Own Conspiracy Theory About Elections While Going Off On The Big Lie

While raking Donald Trump and the Republican Party over the coals for brushing aside the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building as if it wasn’t a dangerous assault on democracy, The View co-host Ana Navarro busted out her own conspiracy about the 2016 election that put Trump in office. It’s not the greatest move, considering the hypocrisy on display, but Navarro didn’t seem to care.

After roasting Trump for continue to foment an “environment of lies and conspiracy theories” by refusing to accept that he lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden, Navarro just came right out and alleged that Trump’s win in 2016 was illegitimate, but you don’t see her mounting a full-on insurrection.

Via Mediaite:

Look, I felt – I felt that Donald Trump had not been legitimately elected. I felt he’d gotten help from the Russians, but you know what? It would have never occurred to me to make up arms against Donald Trump. That’s just not what we do in America.

Our weapon of choice is voting, is democracy, it’s the ballot, and so I hope that people remember Jan. 6. You know why? You know how? By registering to vote. By making sure they know where they have to show up to vote because there are elections this year and they are so crucial.

However, despite her rant, co-host Sunny Hostin pointed out that Navarro continues to belong to the Republican Party even though 58% of its members feel that Biden didn’t win the 2020 election. To which Navarro responded that the solution to that problem is to continue electing more GOP officials like Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney.

(Via The View on Twitter)