‘The View’ Worries That The Demise Of Toys R’ Us Could Lead To Other Kinds Of ‘Toy’ Shops Closing

On Wednesday, Toys R’ Us announced that it would be officially closing all its nearly 800 stores across the United States, six months after the retailer filed for bankruptcy. The news is particularly sad for anyone who spent their childhoods perusing the long, hallowed toy aisles; but the sad fact of the matter is that Amazon and big-box retailers ultimately proved to be too much competition.

The ladies of The View poured one out for Toy R’ Us on Thursday morning, as most of them are parents who spent years shopping at the chain for their own children. “I went to Toys R’ Us this holiday season,” admitted Sunny Hostin. “Everybody thought I was crazy, I was at Toys R’ Us because you wanna see [the products] and touch it and get advice from people.”

As the panel lamented that this could lead to other brick and mortar stores closing, Joy Behar interjected with a valuable contribution. “I hope this doesn’t include the sex industry,” she deadpanned. “Because those stores need to stay open.”

Whoopi Goldberg quickly jumped in to agree with her co-host. “I concur,” she admitted. “You must try the product,” she continued, to the absolute horror of Sara Haines. “You try on bathing suits on, you’re talking your clothes off, putting on something somebody else has of course had on.”

When Hained pointed out that swimwear comes with “protections for that, those little things,” Goldberg countered, “Well, they got protections for the thing we’re talking about too.” At that point Meghan McCain tried to interject but Behar wasn’t having it. “Oh, like you’ve never been to one,” she quipped. “Give me a break, Meghan.”

So that conversation took a hard left turn (that’s what she said), but if there’s one thing we can all probably agree with it’s that nobody wants to see sex toy shops close. Somebody think of the orgasms!