This Awesomely Creepy Nic Cage Mask Can Be Yours For Only $44.95 On eBay

Well, you know what I say — it’s never too early to start planning for Halloween. And if you’re thinking about going as Nic Cage this year — or if you just wanna go around as Nic Cage in your everyday life — there’s a mask out there just waiting for you to buy it on eBay.

This is an authentic life size cast, made from an original life mask of actor Nicholas Cage in our collection. This cast is completely original, with no ‘enhancement’ of any kind. What you see is his actual face, with every detail, just as it was when he sat for the life mask. This extra large casting cost to just behind the ears and includes the neck.

I’m not sure I have the willpower to resist buying this.

(HT: Topher Chris)