This Video Exonerated A NOLA Cabbie Of Wrongdoing By Showing Him Rejecting The Advances Of A Passenger

Bear with me here, because this one is kind of a doozy: Back in April of 2012, a 39-year-old New Orleans cab driver, Hervey Farrell, gave 33-year-old Jennifer Gaubert, an attorney and former radio show host, a ride from the French Quarter to her home in Lakeview. During this ride, Farrell claims that Gaubert came on to him, touching his genitals, kissing him and pleading for sex. Shortly after, the cab driver filed a police report against Gaubert, which the New Orleans police department then cited her for simple battery.

But wait! A full year after the incident took place, Gaubert filed her own report, claiming that she and Farrell had been consensually fooling around in his cab, when he filmed her without her knowledge, and was now extorting her — offering to make both the video and battery charge disappear in exchange for money.

Farrell was then arrested a few months later in August of 2013 during a traffic stop, when it came up that he had a warrant out. The cab driver spent 27 hours in Orleans Parish Prison, had his mug shot all over the local news and was forced to surrender his taxi license which put him out of work for months while the New Orleans Taxicab Bureau conducted an investigation — basically, ruining his life.

Only, that didn’t happen, according to just a video of what actually happened that Farrell himself shot while the incident itself was taking place. BURN. reports:

In the three-minute video, both acknowledge they kissed. But the passenger, who later claimed she did not know she was being filmed, tries to keep the sexual momentum going, pulling on her underwear and lifting her dress, saying “Baby,” and “Please.” Meanwhile, the driver, who hit record on his cell phone, asks where he should drop her off and insists he is faithful to his girlfriend. After he drops her off, he curses her and indicates she made him sexually excited.

Here’s the video itself, which is very slightly NSFW:

Farrell is fighting back, filing a the federal lawsuit against the city earlier this month claiming that New Orleans “does not adequately train or supervise police officers,” and that he was “a victim of false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and kidnapping.”

Meanwhile Ms. Hornypants is set to stand trial next month, facing up to five years if convicted for filing a false extortion reports — and I hope they give her the maximum. This psycho had a full year to think this over and she still went with the option: “Yeah, think I’m gonna totally ruin this dude’s life.” Women who lie about sexual abuse are just slightly below men who are actual rapists on The Scale of Pure F*cking Evil.

(Via Hyperlocal)