This Is Literally Metal: The Awesome Scrap Metal Sculptures Of The Original Giants Of Steel

Earlier this month, car enthusiasts from around the world gathered in Frankfurt, Germany for the biennial Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, AKA the Frankfurt Motor Show. In fact, more than 1 million people attended this celebration of the newest car models and concepts from the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, including BMW’s i3 and i8 concepts, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class E-Cell Plus Concept, and Maserati’s new SUV (the Kubang), among many other cars that you’ll never be able to afford.
Perhaps the most impressive car unveiled was one that can’t even be driven. The geniuses of The Real Giants of Steel (or Giganten Aus Stahl, as they’re known in their native Germany) unveiled their tribute to the Mercedes 300 SLR, a metal sculpture made from 10,000 pieces of scrap that they collected and turned into a chopped Mercedes that would make Kanye West and Jay-Z blush. And while they tried to sell the giant Hot Wheels toy at IAA for $100,000, it’s not the only impressive piece in their catalog.
The Giants of Steel have been creating scrap metal sculptures for quite some time and pop culture – namely sci-fi and fantasy – is their brot und butter. After the jump, check out some of their greatest work, including tributes to Avatar, Star Wars, Transformers, Predator, and a few others.

(Hat tip to Oddity Central)