This R2-D2 Equipped ‘Star Wars’ Car Has Regularly Been Spotted Driving Around L.A.

Have you ever wanted to live out your wildest Star Wars fantasies of taking down some Imperial enemy with R2-D2 in tow? Well, so did Shawn Crosby, and that’s why he came up with this beast of a machine:

What you see here is a taste of Shawn’s creation – a Star Wars inspired “car fighter.” It’s elegant, beautiful and best of all, original. In fact, Shawn even drew the attention of some fans a few years ago when he was featured on Dweebcast:

But, cons and web videos aren’t the only place you can see Shawn and his car because the man has also been spotted driving it openly around the town as recently as yesterday:

If you happen to come across Shawn and his R2, do yourself a favor and take a long look because that’s what it’s for. Shawn built the car to express his love of Star Wars while allowing others to do the same through his vehicle. Well done, sir. Well done.

Source: Shawn CrosbyAmy Ratcliffe, and Boo Detch

Images used with full permission of Amy Ratcliffe.

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