Tim Allen Already Misses Having Trump As A President: ‘He Pissed People Off. I Kind Of Liked That’

Considering Tim Allen was a pioneer in equating being a conservative in Hollywood with being a Jew during Nazi Germany, a viewpoint that left his career unscathed, yet recently brought down Gina Carano, it’s not a total surprise that the Home Improvement star misses having Donald Trump around. On the latest episode of the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, Allen opened up about his conservative leanings, and how he has no regrets about Trump’s presidency and still doesn’t think Hillary Clinton would’ve been the better choice even after the past four years culminated in a pandemic and a full-on assault on the Capitol building. Via HuffPost:

“Once I realized that the last president pissed people off, I kind of liked that,” Allen added. “So it was fun to just not say anything. Didn’t join in the lynching crowd.” Despite his apparent delight over Trump’s divisiveness, Allen said he’s been friendly with Bill and Hillary Clinton. He just didn’t think the former secretary of state “should have been president.”

“In the end, you go the other direction,” he added. “There’s nothing personal about it. If you don’t like it then wait ’til the next election.”

As for what pushed Allen towards his conservative beliefs, it’s a tale as old as time: Taxes. According to Allen, one he found mainstream success, he didn’t like seeing a chunk of his money being taken, which brought back memories of when he was a convicted coke dealer and had to pay out to a “silent partner.”

“I just don’t like — once I started making money — I had this silent partner that took almost half of my money and never gave me anything for it. That was the taxes,” Allen told Maron. “I’ve never liked taxes. Whoever takes the taxes and never tells me what they did with it, I’m a fiscal conservative person with money. That’s it.”

(Via WTF with Marc Maron)