A Naked Guy On A Ledge Terrorized New York City’s Times Square And The Whole Thing Was Caught On Video


(Warning: Video NSFW)

All hell broke loose in New York City this morning when the NYPD were called to deal with a situation in Times Square involving an unidentified 21-year-old man who climbed to the top of the TKTS Broadway Ticket Booth and paraded around naked, at times dancing on the top ledge. The booth, which sits at the traffic island known as “Duffy Square” at Broadway and Seventh Avenue, boasts structural glass steps that lead up 16 feet over the sidewalk. It’s unclear if the man was naked at the time he ascended the steps or disrobed once at the top.

As police attempted to subdue the situation, it only seemed to agitate the man further, who taunted New York’s finest by spitting and cursing at them. An inflatable crash bag was placed underneath the ledge as the man threatened to jump, but when he finally did, he missed and, as of the last update on Gothamist, was being treated by paramedics and is supposedly in stable condition.

Wesley Ahlgren caught the whole thing on Periscope (save for the man actually jumping), which he then tweeted out over a series of updates as the situation unfolded. The man’s motives are still unknown, but according to CBS New York, he was overheard yelling “I am Mother Earth” and going on about Donald Trump. Police say he was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

More video is below, but again, all very NSFW:




(Via Gothamist, CBS New York)