This Woman’s Tinder Experiment Exposed The One Quality Men Prefer Over All Others

Surprise, surprise. A Manchester woman conducted an experiment to prove how — with profile photos that were otherwise identical — a larger chest will win men over every time. The woman, known only as “Carla,” created two separate profiles, which were organized around some slyly enhanced pictures. The results, while not surprising, were hilarious in their exposure of what men are looking for online.

Along with a group of digital-wizard researchers, Carla used the same set of pictures for both profiles. In the first profile, she left her figure “as is” with an A-cup. In the second profile, her chest was convincingly altered to show DD-cups. All other factors remained the same, and the swipes started rolling in. Is it any wonder this happened?

Quite predictably, Carla’s enhanced set of photos performed much better than the originals. She scored a 38 percent increase with her newfound girls. Let’s hope she doesn’t set about permanently enhancing herself in this way. After all, these are just some examples of the “rewards” she received with her newfound attention:

  • “You look like the sort of girl who likes to get pushed up against the wall and [redacted].”
  • “Wow, you’re seriously gorgeous. I love your smile, it lit my phone up.”
  • “Are you from jerusalem? Because you israeli hot?”
  • “Here it’s where I am supposed to think of something witty and clever and instead all I’ll say is hi, you seem like the type of girl who has more to give than she lets on, am I right?”

Perhaps these results aren’t solely based upon larger breasts, but rather, Carla’s willingness to hoist them to the moon. But let’s not kid ourselves: Even women who try to conceal their larger assets receive more catcalls. Whatever the case, Carla deserves some sort of researching stipend for putting herself out there for science.

(Via Daily Mail)