Alabama Family Uses Fire To Clear Toilet Paper From Yard, Burns House To The Ground

An Alabama family lost their home on Monday when an attempt to remove toilet paper from a tree in their yard went horribly wrong.

The Crausewell residence was toilet papered (TP’d) by neighborhood kids over the weekend. The family cleaned up most of the mess on Monday, but, according to Cheryl Crausewell, some of the toilet paper stuck in their magnolia tree was too high to reach. So they did the logical thing and got a ladder.

Just kidding, they used fire.

[Crausewell] said they lit a piece of toilet paper on the magnolia tree with a lighter in an attempt to remove it, but wind blew the piece into the yard, setting the grass ablaze.

“It just popped out into a little patch and we tried to put it out and it just kept going, so I was trying to keep it from going down the front porch and came down the bank and around the back of the house,” She said.

Within seconds, Crausewell said the fire spread to the backyard where the propane gas tank from a grill may have added fuel to the fire.

As you can tell from the image above, the Crausewells’ beautiful home was destroyed by the blaze. Thankfully, the entire family was able to evacuate safely. The family expects their home owner’s insurance to cover the mishap and plans to rebuild on the same property.

WBRC via Fark. Image via WBRC.