Tomi Lahren Allegedly Demanded That TheBlaze Staffers Heat Up Her ‘Butt Warming Pad’ Prior To Each Show

After joining the high ranks of hot-take-dishing pundits, Tomi Lahren was surprisingly fired from Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze for, she alleges, coming out as pro-choice. Naturally, Lahren sued for wrongful termination and was counter-sued for breach of contract. The dirt has gradually rolled out, with Beck’s lawsuit claiming that Lahren hasn’t actually been fired even though she is a nightmare employee.

Beck’s suit doesn’t offer too many specifics (her comments on abortion embarrassed the network, she wouldn’t work with a make up artist, advertisers found her divisive, etc), but The Daily Caller (so take it with a huge grain of salt) spoke to several sources with ties to the situation and uncovered some new tidbits about Lahren’s behavior and how she found herself on the outs with Beck and his startup network.

According to the Daily Caller’s sources, Lahren’s ouster was a long time coming and her pro-choice statements on The View were the straw that broke the camel’s back. Off camera, Lahren treated everyone at The Blaze poorly, feuded with several fellow Blaze hosts about a number of subjects, and was more interested in making waves than telling the truth while on air, allegedly.

Lahren also handled race issues poorly, one of the sources said. “Even when you wanted to give her a chance, she would go out of her way” to make people mad. It’s like she got a high off of creating a hostile work environment.”

However, it’s the “diva” gossip that these anonymous sources really deliver. Lahren would swear at makeup artists and complain about lighting or the temperature in the studio. She complained about her wardrobe budget ($40,000!) even though it was more than some full-time staffers were making. The coup de grace though, is that Lahren reportedly demanded that someone microwave her “butt warming pad” before every show:

“She expected to be treated like a queen,” one source said, referring to Lahren’s butt pad demands as “dehumanizing” to her staff, adding: “To demand they warm your butt pad is absurd.”

That’s one way to create a toxic environment.

(Via The Daily Caller)