Tomi Lahren Calls Cancel Culture The Most ‘Deadly And Un-American’ Threat To The United States

Now that Donald Trump is out of office and they can no longer complain about the media being unfair to the president, conservative pundits have taken up “cancel culture” as their new favorite topic. It’s at least 75 percent of what Tucker Carlson spews about every night. Tomi Lahren, Fox Nation’s most meltdown-prone host, also frequently discusses cancel culture and how it’s the [checks notes] most deadly threat to America?

“The most deadly and un-American threat to this country and our freedom is this rampant and rabid cancel culture. We don’t give grace anymore, we rush to cut people off at the knees and ruin their lives all for some sick twisted 5 mins of satisfaction. It’s wrong & it has to stop,” Lahren tweeted. She quickly followed that by what I assume is her bumper sticker: “Cancel Cancel Culture.” Wow. Really makes you think.

Lahren continued, “Does ripping away everything from someone do anything to advance anything for anybody? Or is this just another cheap thrill for the woke keyboard crowd? A trophy for the cancel culture mob? A feather in the hat of self-righteous jerks who take pleasure in misery/downfall of others?” Based on the timing of her tweets, the “someone” Lahren is referring to could be country star Morgan Wallen, whose record label dropped him after he was caught on video using a racial slur. Or maybe she’s speaking generally. Either way, Lahren would never support a president who loves to cancel people. Oh wait.

Also, pretty sure there are other, more deadly threats than cancel culture out there.