Tomi Lahren Tries To ‘Joke’ About Millennials In The Military, And It Ends Up Backfiring In Spectacular Fashion

08.11.17 7 months ago 18 Comments


The heated tensions between the United States and North Korea have already pushed plenty of people into extreme territory in terms of a possible war. While some are keeping cooler heads, others are ready to bring back the draft, teach people how to survive a nuclear attack, calling on God to support the president, and piling on for a possible conflict. If you’re willing to stand up against the idea of a war where millions die, opting for diplomacy instead, you’re weak. It’s basically the political version of Christopher’s intervention from The Sopranos.

Many have joined the growing storm for war over the past few days, even taking aim at the Anne Frank Center for posting anti-war messages, but Tomi Lahren’s addition to the discussion might be the leader for worst at the moment. She takes it in a different direction by adding millennials to the mix after she watched someone apparently have trouble placing a heavy bag into the overhead compartment on a flight:

While the idea of a draft is far away from reality at the moment, the idea that millennials are somehow weaker than their predecessors — especially since Lahren is a millennial herself — didn’t sit well with many people. Obviously any stance from Lahren is going to inspire some heated responses, but this one invited criticism from veterans and civilians alike:

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