Tomi Lahren Got Dragged By The LA Registrar After Attempting To Ignite More Voter Fraud Conspiracies

Conservative Barbie Tomi Lahren is at it again, and by “it” that means spreading baseless voter fraud conspiracies to rile up her right-wing base.

Her latest target was the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder, who she called out in a series of tweets claiming she’d received a mail-in ballot to vote in California’s upcoming midterms despite not living in the state. Lahren, who’s also had a grand time spreading misinformation about the 2020 Presidential Election for the last two years, used the postal error to spark fear and outrage in her followers who likely already subscribe to her belief that our current democratic process is corrupt.

“Just received my California voting code and mail-in ballot information,” Lahren tweeted. “Only problem is I haven’t lived in California in over 2 years and have been registered in Tennessee for over 2 years but it’s all good, fraud is a myth.”

Lahren is currently in-between jobs, making the move from Fox Nation over to Outkick, a conservative sports website. The site’s founder, Clay Travis, replied to Lahren’s tweet, adding fuel to the fire by suggesting the mail-in ballot was part of a larger scheme by the state to keep taxing the “gotcha” commentator.

And because her initial claim was finally getting some attention, Lahren kept on fanning the flames, employing some of her favorite catchphrases including “dirty democrats” and “illegal immigrants” to drive home the idea that our elections aren’t safe.

Unfortunately for Lahren, none of her fearmongering was based in fact, something the LA County Registrar’s Office was more than happy to point out when it responded to her tweets. Not only did the account shut down any notion that Lahren could vote in future California elections, but but it also dragged her performative outrage in the classiest way possible.

Only time will tell which Twitter tirade Lahren goes on next.

(Via RawStory)