Watch A Topless Woman In A Thong Go On A Rampage Inside A McDonald’s, Then Stop To Chug Ice Cream

04.08.14 5 years ago 22 Comments

UPDATE: Now We Know Why The Topless Woman In Florida Destroyed That McDonald’s, And Oral Sex Is Involved, Naturally

I’m not sure what set off the topless woman wearing a thong and why she felt the need to destroy a McDonald’s in St. Petersburg, Florida, but does it matter? It’s a topless woman in a thong, destroying a McDonald’s in St. Petersburg, Florida. And by destroying, I mean, throwing trays, opening and closing some doors quickly (THAT MONSTER), and generally causing as much mayhem as an overzealous badger.

Come for the rampage; stay for the part where she eats some ice cream (amazing). You can watch NSFW footage of the destruction here, preferably while listening to “Rock N Roll McDonald’s.”

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