This Woman Has A ‘Natural Tramp Stamp’ That Looks Like A Dinosaur

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Own your imperfections. That’s something I read on a bumper sticker once, and it applies to the woman here, who has a “natural tramp stamp,” also known as a birthmark, on her hip. Some might try to hide the blotch, but not her; she’s embraced the fact that it looks like a dinosaur. Not Theodore Rex or even one of Chris Pratt’s raptors, but some dinosaur. Or maybe a turtle?

When I was born, mother nature decided to give me a natural tramp stamp. Luckily, rather than it being in the middle of my lower back, it’s pretty much right on my left hip. Basically, it’s a bigass birthmark or dyspigmentation I believe it’s called. I have always hated it and, since I can remember, I’ve said, “When I’m older I’m having it removed.” As I got older, however, I have realized its charm and grown to love it. Now, what makes this something out of the ordinary is the fact that it’s (vaguely) shaped like a dinosaur, I think. Some people call it a turtle, some a dino. Regardless, it’s kind of cute. It’s my thing. (Via)

More things on the body should be shaped like dinosaurs.

(Via Imgur)

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