Morgan Freeman Can Narrate Anything, Including This ‘Transcendence’ Teaser

What if Warner Brothers took footage which looks like a bumper for The History Channel and let Morgan Freeman narrate it? Would it become interesting? Of course it would. It’s Morgan Freeman. He narrated his own birth and now he narrates the second teaser for Transcendence (first one here).

“What if humanity’s next evolution wasn’t human at all?” intones Morgan Freeman (not to be confused with Nelson Mandela) in this teaser for the first movie directed by Wally Pfister, the cinematographer of The Dark Knight Rises and Inception.

Johnny Depp stars as a scientist who merges his consciousness with a supercomputer and must avoid anti-technology extremists. We hope Morgan Freeman narrates the whole thing. I wish I could tell you that Johnny fought the good fight, and the anti-tech activists let him be. I wish I could tell you that – but Silicon Valley is no fairy-tale world.

(H/T: CBM)