Treat Yourself To The Good Christian Version Of ‘Cards Against Humanity’

While Cards Against Humanity is out there in the world selling boxes of sh*t and aiding unfunny people in feeling humorous inside, there is another game that is far more wholesome and pious. No, I don’t mean lame ass Apples To Apples, I’m talking about a more religious game, a Cards Against Humanity for the saintly amongst us. Something new called A Game For Good Christians:

It all started playing a game of Cards Against Humanity when someone’s “horrible” card pairing was vaguely biblical and deeply spiritual. One of us said, “imagine if this entire game was based completely on passages from the Bible?” Hours later a midnight phone call began A Game For Good Christians, but it truly goes back further than this.

This game was developed through years of many irreverent and deeply theological conversations; Bible studies, seminary classes, sermons, readings and reflections are at the root of this game, as is deep exploration of the Bible.

I am officially intrigued at how you get to here from a game of Cards Against Humanity. Tell me more, oh wise game makers:

The cards capture stories, characters, and statements from the Bible. Some familiar and comforting, others frightening and confusing. Those who have been uncomfortable playing this game have had the most trouble with Canon Cards which quote directly from the Bible without any clever commentary from us.

The Bible, like humanity, is messy because it contains the messy relationship between the divine and humanity: a relationship which is humorous and horrifying. Our game embraces this dissonance. We ask you to do the same.

If you’re as interested in this as I am, the set will cost you $35 for just the regular game, $18.50 for each expansion set, $50 for an expansion and the game, or just go all in with $60 to get the entire collection. How could you turn that down?

I’ll give it this, it isn’t as stuffy as it looks on the outside. You see the box and the topic, your mind automatically goes into some sort of coma (unless you love those Sunday morning sermons). But take a look at these cards:

“Special sh*t digging tools.” This is instantly one Bible related game I would want to play. It’s only narrowly edged out by Assassin’s Creed 5: Nazareth Edition, where Jesus removes his middle finger to insert a hidden blade and smite the unworthy.

(Via A Game For Good Christians)