Trevor Noah Is Not Holding Back With His Election Anxiety: ‘I’ve Already Thrown Up On Myself’

Election night did not go as planned for either Republicans or Democrats. As a tight race became increasingly clear, Jake Tapper warned CNN viewers not to “get high on your own supply” since a Joe Biden landslide was not in the cards. Over on Comedy Central, The Daily Show kicked off proceedings with Trevor Noah from his “fallout shelter” that was ready to go for a long haul, including a very visible supply of toilet paper. And thank goodness for preparation because around the 5:00 minute mark above, Noah declared “I’ve already thrown up on myself, and I’ve had time to clean it up.”

He was not alone in his sentiments — a whole lot of pukiness was afoot across the U.S. on Tuesday night. And there’s nothing like the bluntest of humor to get through things, so the host later declared that he’d need “heroin gummies” to get through another Trump term, should it happen. Seriously though, it’s such a close race that no one (not even Donald Trump with his false claims of victory) can call it yet, and like the 2000 election, we might not know who won the presidential race until week’s end.

Noah was later joined by The Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr., who had booze in tow, as well as Don Cheadle, who sees positive continuing signs from this year’s massive voter turnout. Senior correspondent Michael Kosta later popped into the show (all the way from Biden headquarters) to declare that this week’s long wait will give him time to pursue an elusive dream: writer of erotic fan-fiction about the U.S. election.

One can expect, though, that Noah will have plenty to say about Trump’s authoritarian-mode false victory claims. Those, of course, happened after he laid tweet-groundwork to pressure the Supreme Court into shutting down a Biden win. Now, Trump is baselessly and absurdly claiming that “surprise ballot dumps” in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other battleground states will end in a “stolen” election. In his false-claim of victory on Tuesday night, he complained: “Frankly, we did win this election… We’ll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court… we want all voting to stop.” Well, the Biden team is ready to fight that legal battle, so settle in, everyone.