Trevor Noah Trolled MAGA Insurrectionists With A Full-Page Ad For A Fake Law Firm

The Daily Show isn’t currently airing new episodes, but that doesn’t mean Trevor Noah can’t troll the far right while he’s enjoying his time away from the at-home studio. The host of Comedy Central’s political programming put a real ad in real newspapers for a very fake law firm hoping hapless insurrectionists give him a call.

Billed as an ad for “Trevor Noah & Associates & Sons” the full-page ad ran in Thursday’s edition of both the Los Angeles Times and New York Times and encouraged those who “did an insurrection” to “storm our offices today” for help getting off on charges.

The ad, which went viral in a “post a picture of the newspaper to social media” kind of way, wants those who did some crimes on January 6 at Donald Trump’s behest to “seek legal counsel for the myriad of alleged crimes that may or may not have been committed that fateful day.”

The ad includes a real phone number that’s a bit cheeky as well: 1-85-OOPS-JAN6 (1-856-677-5266).

It’s unclear if anyone will actually call the number and seek legal help at this point, as not many MAGA rioters read the New York Times or LA Times these days. But it’s certainly a cheeky way to keep buzz going for a show that’s been off the air for the summer.