Trump Got Roasted After He Boarded Air Force One With Toilet Paper Stuck To His Shoe

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Senate Republicans are expected to vote Friday to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the far right-wing, partisan, ill-tempered judge who will mold legislation in the United States for decades to come — which will likely have disastrous repercussions for women, minorities, immigrants, and the LGTBQ community. For progressives, this is a dark day indeed, but they’ve won in the most minor way possible because, on Thursday evening, President Trump got caught with what appeared to be toilet paper stuck to his shoe while boarding Air Force One.

The incident happened as Trump was departing the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport en route to a rally in Rochester, Minnesota, when KSTP-TV Channel 5 News caught the awkward moment on camera. The clip was quickly picked up by national and international media outlets, as you can see in the above BBC News coverage, which wryly noted that Trump “had an unexpected carry-on.”

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