An Ex-Trump Crony Thinks He’s Going To ‘Fake An Illness’ So He Doesn’t Have To Run In 2024

The 2024 election is a good year-and-a-half away but it’s already heated up. There are already a few candidates, mostly on the Republican side. One is a former commander-in-chief who’s been recently indicted on criminal charges and likes to spend his time trashing a guy who isn’t even formally in the race yet. In other words it’s not going so well. And one of Trump’s former cronies doesn’t think he’ll even go all the way.

As per Mediaite, Anthony Scaramucci — the financier who famously spent a thrilling 10 days as Trump’s communications director in the summer of 2017 — went on CNN to throw some cold water on his old boss’ political ambitions. He postulated that there are two things that will throw his third campaign off-balance: his legal woes and certain close family members ditching him this time.

“They want nothing to do with this campaign, Anderson,” said the Mooch. “And they were conspicuously absent from the courtroom. So, I think he’s gonna have a hard time. He may not even make it to the Iowa Caucuses – not because of anything other than the combination of the lawsuits and the family’s absence.”

It’s true that Trump was alone when he was arraigned last week, although both Jr. and Eric have continued acting as their father’s bulldogs. Ivanka, however, is done shilling for her dad.

However, the idea that Trump would actually drop out of the race shocked anchor Anderson Cooper, who asked Scaramucci point blank if he thinks that’s true.

“Well, he would fake an illness or something like that,” he replied. “He would come up with a very clever excuse, but, but–I don’t even–listen, you get hit with two more lawsuits like this, maybe another arrest and arraignment in Georgia and your family’s nowhere to be seen and you’re somebody like Donald Trump, it’s possible. You can’t rule it out.”

Of course, people in 2016 didn’t think Trump would go all the way, that he’d drop out once he realized he’d actually get the most powerful job in the world. And then look what happened. In other words, when it comes to the big guy, don’t rule out the worst case scenario.

(Via Mediaite)