Trump Just Can’t Stop Sh*t-Talking Ron DeSantis: He’d Be Working ‘In A Pizza Parlor’ If Not For Me

Donald Trump took a break from threatening “death and destruction” on the world on Monday night to sit down with Sean Hannity and deny that he was threatening death and destruction on the world. The former president also made time to partake in what might be his second favorite activity: Talking sh*t about Ron DeSantis.

Just hours after it was reported that Donald has banned anyone who has worked with the pudding-loving Florida governor for becoming a part of Team Trump, the 2024 presidential candidate — who is currently on Indictment Watch — told Hannity that DeSantis would be nothing without him. As Mediaite reports, the Fox News host prompted his guest to commence the trash-talk by telling Trump, “The question I get asked the most about you is, ‘Ron DeSantis – what happened? I thought they were friends.’” That was all it took for Trump to start spilling:

He was desperate. I gave him a nice endorsement. I said, ‘You write out what you’d like and let me see it.’ He wrote it out and I thought it was terrible so I changed it, made it great. I gave him a great endorsement. From the moment I pressed that button he blew that guy away. The race was over. They never even got to spend their money…

I got him the nomination. By the way, he could never have gotten the nomination. He would be working either in a pizza parlor place or a law office right now, and he wouldn’t be very happy.

As Mediaite wryly notes, “DeSantis has degrees from Yale University and Harvard Law School.”

Trump has pulled out all the stops in his attempts to smear DeSantis, including by attempting to come up with a sick burn of a nickname; “Ron Dukakis” is Trump’s latest offering.

You can watch the conversation at Mediaite here.

(Via Mediaite)