Trump’s Bail Has Been Set In Georgia And The Former President Will Have To Fork Over A Low Six Figures To Keep Tweeting About Murder Waves Or Whatever

Last week, Donald Trump made history yet again: He became the first U.S. president to score not one, not two, not three, but four indictments. Congrats? There was a chance, thanks to his reckless social media antics, that he’d go straight from his fourth arraignment to his first stint in jail. It’s a nasty jail, too, hardly fitting for someone who owns a gold toilet. But now, for a sizeable price, he’ll avoid that fate.

As per Mediaite, Trump’s lawyers met with Fulton County, Georgia D.A. Fani Willis to negotiate the terms of his surrender. Among the topics they agreed upon was the size of the bail bond. It ain’t cheap, coming in at $200,000. But after he pays that lofty sum, he’ll be able to enjoy freedom once again and tweet about murder waves or whatever.

Mind you, Trump won’t be able to tweet about everything. One of the details in the court filing was that he “shall perform no act to intimate any person known to him or her to be a co-defendant or witness.” That part was included surely because he’s already engaged in witness intimidation, to say nothing of taunting some of the people who hold his freedom in their hands.

Trump isn’t the only one of the 19 defendants in the Georgia case whose bail bond was made public. John Eastman, the lawyer who designed the infamous plan to overturn the 2020 election, has agreed to one half the size of Trump’s, coming at a “mere” $100,000. Hope it was worth trying to unsuccessfully subvert the will of the American people!

(Via Mediaite)