Trump Bragged That The Supreme Court Is ‘A Lot Different Than It Was’ In The Wake Of Texas’ Draconian New Abortion Law

Last week, Texas began enacting their draconian abortion law, which bans the procedure after a mere six weeks and even puts anyone who performs or assists it in legal jeopardy. The announcement led to widespread condemnation, as well as creative forms of dissent. It was also only made possible thanks to the current, conservative-leaning Supreme Court line-up, three of whose members were installed by former president Donald J. Trump. And don’t think he’s not taking credit for the state’s new rules.

As per Raw Story, Trump did an as-yet-to-air interview with Sinclair television stations, a portion of which has already been made public. It finds host Sharyl Attkisson pointed out that many are blaming the ruling on the two virulently anti-abortion judges, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, he appointed, the latter shortly before he lost re-election.

“We do have a Supreme Court that’s a lot different than it was,” Trump said boastfully. “Before it was acting very strangely and I think probably not in the interest of our country.”

He did, however, admit that the law may not stay on the books permanently. “The ruling was very complex and also probably temporary,” he said. “I think other things will happen and that will be the big deal and the big picture. So we’ll see what will happen. But we’re studying the ruling and we’re studying also what they’ve done in Texas.”

He also teased that he and his team will “be announcing something over the next week or two weeks.” Perhaps it will involve the re-election campaign his wife reportedly does not want.

You can watch the interview snippet below.

(Via Raw Story)