The Trump Aide Who Revealed He Scribbled To-Do Lists On Classified Docs Will Be A ‘Killer Witness’ For Jack Smith

According to a bombshell new report, Donald Trump allegedly used the back of classified documents to scribble down random to-do lists, which he handed to his top aide Molly Michael on more than one occasion. Michael conveyed this information to special counsel Jack Smith, and now, legal experts are convinced that Michael will prove to be a “killer witness” for the government’s case against Trump.

According to former federal prosecutor Harry Litman, Michael revealed some damaging information about Trump that won’t lead to new charges, but will shore up the ones presented by the special counsel.

“This playing around with notecards shows he’s cavalier, shows he’s very Trumpian,” Litman told MSNBC via Raw Story. “But what you read, Chris, is the real punch line. Knowing that the FBI wants to interview her, [Trump] said ‘you don’t know anything about the boxes.’ And by the way, we know that is clearly a lie. It sounds like it anyway because she takes a picture and gives it to him. So, he knows, and the picture is in the indictment.”

Litman argued that Michael will look especially good as a witness because she resigned immediately after learning of Trump’s actions.

“She’s going to be a killer witness here,” Litman said. “No deal, no ax to grind. In fact, was loyal to Trump. Goes to Mar-a-Lago with him after, and then finally leaves when she knows he’s basically breaking the law and obstructing justice. She gives absolute killer evidence about his trying to keep more than the boxes he had given up already to the FBI, and that’s why the search ensued. Very, very powerful witness, she’s going to be.”

(Via Raw Story)