Jack Smith Has Had Enough Of Trump’s Truth Social Rants And Is Making Moves To Stop Him From Tainting A Jury Pool

Jack Smith is reportedly making moves to rein in Donald Trump‘s non-stop ranting on social media. Despite repeated warnings from judges and presumably his own legal team, the former president has made it a habit of attacking the justice system while currently facing four indictments. The special counsel has had enough of it.

In a new court filing in Washington D.C. where Trump is facing charges for his 2020 election interference, including the January 6 attack, Smith warned Judge Tanya Chutkan that Trump’s incessant rants “threaten to taint a jury pool.” Smith made the filing on Tuesday, and yet it not deter Trump.

Via Associated Press:

The posts continued Tuesday both before and after the latest concern flared, with Trump earlier in the day circulating a New York Post story about Chutkan on his Truth Social platform and openly mocking the idea that she could be fair in his case. Later in the evening, he issued another post in which he attacked Smith as a “deranged” prosecutor with “unchecked and insane aggression.”

According to the AP, Trump’s refusal to heed the warnings of judges and prosecutors about his social media activity is “testing the patience” of court officials. The former president is reportedly at risk of facing sanctions from Judge Chutkan who has given Trump’s team until next week to respond to the latest filing about their client’s non-stop frothy posting.

(Via Associated Press)