Trump Bragged That He Was Impeached Twice, And That Being Punished Only Made Him ‘Worse’

The year’s second Conservative Political Action Conference was as off-the-rails as one would expect. Don Jr. tried to be funny. Lauren Boebert got made fun of by AOC. The audience cheered the dearth of people safe from a highly contagious disease. But the biggest draw was the big boy himself, former president and failed blogger Donald J. Trump. He’s still the party’s figurehead despite being banned over much of social media, and he used his speech on Sunday to do something almost unheard of from him: He told the truth.

In a Greatest Hits speech that cycled through the usual malarkey — much of it voter fraud lies — Trump, for whatever reason, saw fit to brag that he became the first president to be impeached twice. He was talking about William Barr, his once loyal Attorney General, who refused to make up nonsense about the election he lost last November. Trump claimed Barr “became different” after Democrats threatened him with impeachment. But Trump, he claimed, is made of stronger stuff.

“I didn’t become different. I got impeached twice,” Trump said, to thunderous applause. He then added, “I became worse.”

It’s a strange thing to brag about, but maybe it only seems that way because we so rarely hear from a man who now lives in resorts with strangers. Still, some people joked that at least he was finally telling the truth about something.

Some pointed out that this certainly disproves Maine Senator Susan Collins’ defense of why she didn’t vote for impeachment the first time, in 2019, claiming that Trump would learn his lesson. And straight from the horse’s mouth, we know he did not.

And others pointed out that Trump can easily make a comeback if people aren’t careful.