The Talking Heads At Fox News Have No Idea How To Handle Trump’s Post-Arrest Plea To ‘Defund The Police’

Fox & Friends immediately dove into Donald Trump’s arrest on Wednesday morning, but when it came time for Steve Doocy to tackle the former president’s call to “defund the police,” nobody knew what the heck to say.

While talking to a panel of voters from “across the political spectrum,” Doocy naturally heard lots of responses about how Trump’s arrest was a “joke” and questions about why Hillary Clinton hasn’t been arrested for her deleted emails, or Bill Clinton for his affairs. This is Fox News after all. However, the group was notably quiet when Doocy asked about Trump wanting to defund the FBI.

Via Mediaite:

“After he was arrested yesterday, apparently today, Donald Trump has called for America to defund the police, particularly the FBI, the Department of Justice, because the Democrats have weaponized law enforcement. All right. Who in this panel, raise your hand? Who thinks that’s a good idea?” Doocy asked.

As the camera panned out to a silent and still panel, Doocy replied, “Alright. Nobody.”

While no one on the panel backed up Trump’s defund the FBI remarks, Doocy circled back to them and offered up a defense of his own.

“What he apparently posted was Republicans in Congress should defund the DOJ and FBI until they come to their senses, he wrote,” Doocy said before agreeing with Trump. “Democrats have totally weaponized law enforcement, as I just said, in our country and our viciously using this abuse of power to interfere with our already under-siege elections.”

(Via Mediaite)