Trump’s Pricey Gold Sneakers Are Up For Sale On eBay For Even More Than He Owes In His Civil Fraud Case

The day after Donald Trump was ordered to pay $354.8 million over his New York civil fraud case, he did something predictably unexpected: He hawked pricey gold sneakers. They weren’t his product, per se; he’d merely licensed his name and likeness to a Trump stan company (that was also selling Trump-themed fragrances, natch). Still, he was the one on a Philadelphia stage urging people to buy the limited supply, and though the move earned him inevitable mockery, guess what? Not only did they sell out quickly, but one pair may be sold for a stunning sum indeed.

Per Newsweek, one lucky buyer of Trump’s “Never Surrender High-Tops” was able to flip them for more than 1,000 times what they were originally worth. There were three lines of Trump shoes, the most expensive ones, with a gold coloring, going for $399. But that person wants to sell them on eBay for a staggering $450,000.

It’s worth noting that sum is nearly $100,000 more than what Trump was ordered to fork over (ignoring the interest he also has to pay, mind you) in his fraud trial. If it goes through, that person — providing they actually care about the 45th president’s woes and weren’t just trying to make an easy buck — could conceivably donate a sizeable chunk of it to that GoFundMe started to pay off his latest legal apocalypse. They’d still have a lot left over, too!

In other Trump money news, his third campaign seems to be in as dire straits as he is. A new report shows that in January the campaign spent more than it had raised, and that his PACs are now paying part of his ever-mounting legal woes.

(Via Newsweek)