After Being Ordered To Pay Nearly Half A Billion Dollars, Trump Has Now Unveiled $400 Gold Sneakers

Friday was not a good one for Donald Trump. The former president — who’s already on the hook for $83 million to E. Jean Carroll, who’s twice sued him for defamation over alleged sexual assault — was ordered to fork over another $354.9 million (plus inflation) as part of his civil fraud suit. (On top of that, he’s barred from doing business in New York, his home state, for three years.) You know what that means! Time to hit up his sometimes cash-strapped fans for some dough. But instead of a mere fundraising email (that may also double as a Valentine’s Day message to his wife), Trump is thinking outside the box: He’s selling gold shoes.

Per The Daily Beast, Trump showed up at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a town it’s worth noting is not not very blue. He didn’t show up empty-handed; He’s hawking three kinds of Trump shoe: the red athletic “T-Red Wave” goes for $199, the white and gold athletic fit “POTUS 45” for $199, and the gold “Never Surrender High Top Sneaker” for $399.

According to the site selling the shoes, Trump isn’t the only one who will be benefitting monetarily. They’re the result of a licensing agreement with 45Footwear, which have been granted the use of his name, image, and likeness. The company is also not affiliated with his campaign.

The shoes are only on sale for three days.

That’s not all 45Footwear is selling. They also have two kinds of Trump fragrance: Victory 47 Cologne and Victory 47 Perfume.

How well will these do? Though they’re only available for a limited time, they still join a long line of Trump products, most of which have been miserable failures. Trump Sneakers and Trump Fragrances — those sound about as ridiculous as Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, and, of course, the newly unearthed Trump Urine Tests.

(Via The Daily Beast)