Biden’s Team Dragged Trump Over Those Dorky $400 Gold Sneakers He Was Hawking

On Saturday bad Valentine’s Day gifter Donald Trump reached a weird new low in self-parody: He hawked gold sneakers. The former president crashed Philadelphia’s Sneaker Con, where, amidst a sea of cheers and boos, he showed the crowd a new line of expensive Trump-brand kicks, including a pair that runs $400. The move earned instant mockery, including from the current president’s team.

Per Mediaite, shortly after Trump unveiled his gold shoes, the Biden-Harris campaign’s communications director, Michael Tyler, fired off a meme dragging his latest stunt, writing, “Donald Trump showing up to hawk bootleg Off-Whites is the closest he’ll get to any Air Force Ones ever again for the rest of his life.”

Trump’s pricey sneakers — which come in three kinds, the most expensive bearing the color gold, just like his toilets — happened to be unveiled the day after he was ordered to pay nearly $355 million (plus interest) after being found liable for fraud. What’s more, he’s banned from doing business in his home state of New York for three years.

Alas, these expensive gold sneakers won’t likely make a dent in that sum. The sneaker aren’t Trump products but rather the result of a licensing deal with a joint called 45Sneakers, which also put out a line of Trump fragrances. The gold shoes sold out quickly, though MAGA die hards can still pre-order $199 “T-Red Wave sneakers,” plus white “Potus 45” version. And don’t forget about “Trump Victory 47” cologne.

(Via Mediaite)