Trump Is Bizarrely Suggesting That McDonald’s Is Responsible For Preserving His (Expensive) Hair

President Trump has never made a secret of how much he loves fast food, especially McDonald’s. During the early days of his administration, he relegated Chris Christie to being his manservant and burger fetcher, and last year, he served a spread of all kinds of greasy offerings, including McDonalds, and now that the heat is on his hairdressing deductions (which were included in the report about his tax avoidance), people are kinda wondering what, exactly, that $70,000 has done.

On the morning after the first Trump-Biden debate, Trump was strangely happy to deflect attention to his hair. While retweeting former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, the president asserted, “No wonder I didn’t lose my hair!!”

Whether he’s serious or not, the president is using his Twitter platform for another weird tangent, this time to point towards an ABC News affiliate that reported upon a Japanese study, which concluded that mice regrew hair after being exposed to a chemical found in McDonald’s french fries. You know, the important issues, and that’s just more evidence of 2020 going off the rails after Trump and Biden’s crosstalk at the debate inspired Jake Tapper to declare, “That was a hot mess… a dumpster fire inside a train wreck… the American people lost. That was horrific.”

Seriously, though… where did that $70,000 go?