Trump Could Wind Up Under House Arrest Instead Of Prison, Says D.C. Insider

Is the frontrunner for the GOP’s 2024 presidential ticket going to jail? Maybe. Maybe not. Donald Trump is facing a whopping 91 charges, which, if he’s convicted, add up to a staggering 713 years in the slammer. But what if instead of spending the rest of his life in some white-collar prison he could just chill in Mar-a-Lago, ranting to strangers about his misfortunes? That could happen.

As per Raw Story, longtime Washington insider Jonathan Alter went on MSNBC, where he argued that Trump is “not looking at jail time.” He addressed his chaotic dealings with Judge Tanya Chutkan, who’s overseeing his Jan. 6 case, saying, “In a normal case, yes, he would be jailed for contempt of court, but as a practical matter, he can’t be.” He pointed out that they “can’t house the Secret Service in jail and all the rest of it.”

That doesn’t mean Trump will escape his comeuppance. Alter said that he’s convicted, “it’s likely to be house arrest.”

Alter added, “It’s conceivable that Judge Chutkan, if he continues to violate the terms of his bail, [he] could be subjected to house arrest — that’s still possible.”

Honestly that doesn’t sound too bad. Trump won’t have to spend his energy being president. Being a straight-up dictator, which is what it sounds like Trump wants to be if re-elected, sounds exhausting anyway. Instead he could spend what time he has left on this mortal coil probably cheating at golf.

You can watch Alter’s MSNBC appearance in the video below.

(Via Raw Story)