Trump Is Now Demanding That The Jan 6th Committee Make Mike Pence The Focus Of Their Investigation, Because Sure Why Not

Donald Trump must be feeling the heat from the Jan. 6th Committee’s ongoing investigation into the attack on Capitol Hill because the twice-impeached former president literally cannot stop talking about the insurrection and his role in it.

Over the weekend, Trump held a rally basically inviting his followers to rise up and stage massive protests across the country, should he be found guilty of anything by the group of (via Raw Story) investigators looking into his involvement in the planned siege. He also admitted in a press release to pressuring former Vice President Mike Pence into overturning the election in his favor. Of course, Pence refused to do that — he didn’t have the power to anyway — and now Trump seems to be focused on throwing his old partner under the bus in an attempt to save his own skin.

In another press release posted on Twitter by Trump’s latest spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, the disgraced ex-president urged lawmakers to look into why Pence didn’t send the vote back for “approval” after widespread evidence of voter fraud. To be clear, Pence didn’t have that authority and Trump’s claims of voter fraud were shot down in court after court, by judges he had installed. Still, the Florida retiree seems pretty hung-up on Pence’s failure to back his wild, seditious scheme and Nancy Pelosi’s failure to secure the Capitol during the riots.

Of course, if Trump thought Pelosi should’ve asked for more troops to guard Capitol Hill during the MAGA uprising, that must mean his own followers committed the kind of violence, vandalism, and property damage, which would go against his previous claims that Jan. 6th wasn’t that big of a deal.

(Via Raw Story)