Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Tried To Portray Her Draft-Dodging Boss As A ‘Warrior,’ And People Had Thoughts

What remains of the Trump team has found itself in an unusual position: They’ve begun the process of formally handing the presidential reins to Joe Biden, but they’re also still trying to sell their boss as a strong man battling non-existent voter fraud. The day after Trump gave formally obscure bureaucrat Emily Murphy the blessing to start the transition process, he was back to acting like an unhinged weirdo. Ditto one of the major figures on his shrinking legal team — former critic Jenna Ellis — tried to make him look tougher than he is. And it didn’t go so hot.

On Tuesday night, Ellis took to Twitter, posting an image of Trump leaning on his Oval Office desk, looking down at a camera perched at a low-angle, trying to make him look huge and strong. Above it ran a simple, all-caps caption: “WARRIOR.”

It was a slam-dunk bid to Trump’s base, who continue to see him as a powerful leader and not, let’s say, a whiny narcissist who’s been acting like a spoiled child who can’t accept a clear defeat. While there were a number of hosannas from stalwart fans, this was social media, so there were a number of people who, shall we say, disagreed with the premise of Ellis’ tweet.

Many took umbrage with calling someone who used “bone spurs” as an excuse not to fight in the Vietnam War.

Others pointed out what Trump has reportedly said about soldiers, from those who were been captured, like John McCain, to those who died for their nation.

And some pointed out that Ellis was once upon a time, well, not a Trump fan.