Footage Of Johnny Carson Dunking On Trump Has Surfaced After He Praised The ‘Great Job’ Carson Did

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One of the pressing issues currently most concerning to the president of the United States is late night talk show hosts, and specifically, why are they so mean to poor Donald Trump? The whole dumb thing was started earlier this week by Jay Leno, who appeared on the Today show to shake his fist at a cloud over late night shows having become too political in the Trump era.

Leno’s remarks were naturally fodder for the talking heads over at Fox News, which were then ingested and pooped out by Trump on Twitter. “Jay Leno points out that comedy (on the very boring late night shows) is totally one-sided,” the president quoted Fox and Friends with his own added commentary. “It’s tough when there’s only one topic.”

By Thursday, Trump had still not let it go, yet again tweeting his ire with being the constant butt of Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyer’s jokes, ostensibly — because we all know he wasn’t referring to Jimmy Fallon.

“The three very weak and untalented late night ‘hosts’ are ‘fighting over table scraps,'” Trump fired off. “Carson did a great job, it wasn’t political. I don’t know what they’re going to do in 2024 when he’s no longer President? Will be wacky in the unemployment line.”

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