A Bizarre Lawsuit In Texas Is Arguing That Trump Is Like A Key ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Character

Despite Congress declaring Joe Biden the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election allowing him to take the oath of office, that doesn’t mean the wacky-circus attempts to get Donald Trump back in the White House have come to a close. In a bizarre new lawsuit filed in Texas, one lawyer actually attempts to argue that Trump is a modern-day version of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings who should be handed his rightful throne, which is already an odd statement to make, considering America’s whole thing is not having a king. That’s kind of the point of having elections.

After dramatically citing Tolkien’s epic tome by stating “Gondor has no king,” the suit goes on to argue that all of Congress and every state government should be dissolved while members of the previous administration keep Trump’s throne ready for his return. This puppy really went places. Via The Guardian:

“Since only the rightful king could sit on the throne of Gondor, a steward was appointed to manage Gondor until the return of the King, known as ‘Aragorn’, occurred at the end of the story.”

The lawsuit then suggests that America’s version of the stewards of Gondor should be selected from among – surprise, surprise – Trump’s cabinet members, who should run the country.

Obviously, this lawsuit isn’t going to anywhere as legal experts fully expect it to be “laughed out of court.” However, it isn’t entirely out of place with the recent trend of using odd fantasy references in service to Trump. While attempting to downplay his own participation in the January 6 attack on the Capitol building, which sought to overturn the election, Rudy Giuliani tried to say that his demand for “trial by combat” was merely a reference to the “very famous documentary about fictitious medieval England” Game of Thrones. Although, in Giuliani’s defense, at least he didn’t equate Trump with Viggo Mortensen’s iconic hero, so he’s got that going for him. When you’re Rudy, you gotta take those wins wherever you can get them.

(Via Guardian, Salon)