Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers Are Being Mocked Over Their Strange Montages Of Democrats Simply Uttering, ‘Fight’

During the Trump legal team’s disastrous appearance on the first day of their client’s impeachment trial, most of the scorn was reserved for Bruce Castor, and for good reason: his opening statement was not only long but rambling, earning comparisons to the bad public defender from My Cousin Vinny. But on Friday, it was time for his colleague David Schoen to get dragged on social media. The attorney spent nearly two hours defending Trump from accusations of inciting an insurrection, the highlight of which was not one but two epic videos of Democrats…saying the word “fight.”

A lot of Schoen’s arguments in defense of Trump — who delivered a fiery speech right before the Capitol riot on January 6 in which he used the word “fight” 20 times — involved false equivalencies. He implied there was little difference between things Democratic lawmakers have said and what Trump said right before the failed MAGA riot. Of course, there’s a big difference: only Trump’s speech was followed by a violent failed coup that resulted in five dead.

But that didn’t stop Schoen, who played a 10-minute montage comprised of simply Democrats saying the word “fight,” each one stripped of context. Was its epic length intended as a form of torture?

Oh, and by the way, there more than one of them.

Many pointed out that none of the included cases — including several involving Senator Elizabeth Warren — was immediately followed by an attempted insurrection.

Some pointed out that context was, in each and every case, a bit important.

What’s more, there was a big difference between another false equivalency Trump’s defenders have relied on: drawing a BS parallel between the failed MAGA coup and the BLM protests over last summer.

To some, the Trump lawyers’ reliance on whataboutism was a sign that they had no real argument.

Others felt bad for whoever had to painstakingly construct these lengthy monstrosities.

Some mocked some of the clips that were included.

Others pointed out that the word “fight” is often used in other contexts, which don’t lead to attempted coups.

There were a fair amount of “Fight Song” jokes.

But perhaps the montages weren’t as damning as they may have thought. There were reports that some of the senators included in the videos simply responded by laughing in derision.